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"I have been battling headlice with my 3 children for most of their school years, and with my son having autism, it has made combing and preventative measures extremely challenging. I first tried the Liceorator about 4 years ago, looking for something different to the many other products I had tried.  I noticed straight away that it didn’t’ have the strong chemical smell that most others had, and found it quite simple to apply.  When combing out the dead lice and eggs after treatment, I have found them exceptionally quick and easy to remove, which is a relief as this can be so tedious!! (definitely my least favourite part of the process!) I really appreciate the cap that is included, so the kids can’t accidentally touch their hair and put the treatment in their eyes, or on the furniture. I have never seen a comb like the one in The Liceorator kit, but I have found it to be super efficient to catch both the eggs and lice. I often use The Liceorator in between treatments just to check there is no outbreaks, and it doesn’t snag the hair or pull. I have been super impressed with the ongoing success we’re having with using The Liceorator, I have noticed a decrease in the frequency of lice occurring over all, and all our hair is softer and more manageable after using it. I love the natural ingredients that means no skin irritations or risk of chemical reactions also! I love The Liceorator and our family is very happy with the results we get from using it. Thankyou so much. "


"Less tears with the application process as the smell was nice" 


"The concentrated formula went further for bigger families" " 



The Liceorator Story

The Liceorator idea was founded in 2014 when Kellie Crowhurst, a Townsville based Mum to 3 girls,  who all had long and thick hair, struggled with the headlice problem that commonly occurs amongst school age children. She found that chemical products available on the market were just not working for her and she no longer wanted to put toxic ingredients on her kids scalp. Coming from an essential oils safety advocate and formulators background she committed herself to developing a non toxic headlice treatment that would


  • terminate the headlice cycle

  • remove the eggs easily

  • have a calming effect and

  • condition the hair.

By 2017 and after many r & d trials, The Liceorator headlice treatment was established and listed with the therapeutical goods association.


Kellie has chosen nourishing plant oils that are naturally sourced, calming and balancing essential oils, and ingredients that actively terminate the headlice cycle, which also includes natural silica substitutes, that are biodegradable, to easily comb out the eggs.


The Liceorator offers peace of mind for the user, kinder to the environment because of the PBA free recycled packaging and an holistic approach.


The Liceorator is your friend to the end!

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Meet The Team

me with liceorator dress no 2.jpg
Kellie Crowhurst

Founder of the Liceorator, Townsville, Qld

tiarna pic.jpg
Tiarna Crowhurst

Marketing  & Sales

in Victoria

Mel Collins

Accounts Manager

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