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Introducing The Liceorator Headlice Treatment Kit for children over 5 years old through to Adults. This all-in-one unique treatment uses the power of plant ingredients to effectively fight lice. The active neem oil ingredient and silicon substitutes work in 8 different ways to combat headlice, terminate the lice cycle and dehydrate the eggs, making it easier to comb them out

Say goodbye to headlice the natural way with The Liceorator Headlice Treatment Kit. 125ml concentrated, with an average 10-15ml needed to be applied to the hair per child, depending on hair length.

The Liceorator Headlice Treatment Kit for Over 5 years old

SKU: O5001
  • Step 1

    Apply The Liceorator (see box for amount to use) to wet or dry hair, massage in and comb through to the ends. This stuns the lice and makes it difficult for them to grip the hair or crawl around. Put on the shower cap and let the treatment do its job. 15 minutes is a minimum time to wait. But, longer is even better to get the most benefits from the calming and conditioning properties. (see it as a high end hair salon treatment). Up to 2 hours for maximum benefit.


    Step 2

    Divide hair into segments. Starting at the scalp, use The Liceorator Head Lice Comb to comb through the hair.


    Step 3

    Wipe combings onto a tissue as you proceed.


    Step 4

    Continue combing. Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs.

    Step 5

    Wash out The Liceorator using shampoo. You can use conditioner as well if you want too. However, The Liceorator does have conditioning properties in it and isn’t absolutely a necessary part.

    Step 6

    A good tip is to dry the hair with a hairdryer after you have shampoo out the treatment. Lice do not like the heat. Once, your hair is dry, comb through again to see if there are any dead lice or eggs left on the scalp. Use the metal comb to comb out.

    This is the final step. Write down the date of your treatment time and remember to reapply again at day 7. This step is important even if you feel there is no scratching or cannot see any adult lice.

  • anhydrous oil treatment carrier oils of olive(olea europaea), almond(prunus amygdalus dulcis), apricot(prunus armeniaca), neem azadirachta indica)oils, essential oils lavender(lavandula angustifolia), tea tree(melaleuca alternifolia), geranium(pelargonium graveolens), lemon eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriodora), silc olive(hydrogenated olive oil unsaponifiables, capryoly glycerin/sebacic acid, diheptyl succinate, vitamin E

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