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Fight Headlice - 8 Ways

Welcome to The Liceorator. Our commitment to natural lice treatment means you can expect the best from us. Our unique formula is designed to fight lice in eight different ways, all while remaining gentle on your hair and scalp. We are proud to offer biodegradable and recyclable packaging and our sensitive range is perfect for those with delicate skin. With The Liceorator, you can feel good about what you’re putting on your hair and scalp. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to natural lice treatment today.

  1. Smothers the Lice

  2. Dehydrates the eggs

  3. Stops  the lice lifecycle

  4. Kills adult lice

  5. Removes the eggs easily by helping to dislodge from the hair strand

  6. Has a calming effect from the aromatherapy oils

  7. Soothes the scalp

  8. Conditions the hair

    The Liceorator Range is your solution to head lice. Powerful enough to use as a 15 minute treatment that terminates the lice life cycle and soothes the scalp, or gentle enough to leave on overnight for heavier infestations. Our all-natural, non-toxic formula will put your mind at ease as you take control of the situation. With The Liceorator Range, you can trust in a safe and effective head lice treatment.

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Hannah, 35

Children with sensory needs or sensitivities where calmed by the herbal smells.

Deanne, 47

Biodegradable ingredients with recyclable packaging.

Melanie, 45

It was easy to comb out the eggs and they loved the headlice comb as it didn't pull at the hair.

Kids Running

The Liceorator Vision

We are a family owned business, operating in South Australia and supplying nationally.  Committed to enabling you to make a safe and natural choice for headlice treatment.

Find a Stockist

Liceorator Stockists

Townsville, QLD

 Healthline Pharmacy :  Kirwan, 4817 Ph: 07 4773 1758

Belrowes  Mini Mart  : Belgian Gardens, 4810 Ph: 07 4772 2830

Skinny's Supa Deli: Mt Louisa, 4814 Ph: 07 4774 5888

Cate's Chemist: Garbutt, 4814 Ph: 07 4728 4261

Cate's Chemist: Flinders St, Hyde Park 4812: Ph:  07 4772 2473

Cate's Chemist Online store: http://cate'


South Australia

Go-Vita: Munno Para Ph: 08 82841511

Mega Health: Gawler Ph: 08 85232097 

Customer Service phone:  (+61) 0438 886 540

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